Got A Spa That Needs Maintenance
or Repair and Don’t Have Time?

Do you have a green frog in your spa?

This is a great indicator of how ‘healthy’ your spa water actually is.

If your spa is looking more on the green side of the scale than the enticing side of the scale - we’re here to help.

It can be overwhelming knowing how to keep your outdoor spa and/or your bathroom spa well maintained if you’ve never been taught, but we’re here to help.

We have been repairing spas for more than 14 years with experience with such brands as: Vortex Spas, Fisher Spa, Lanark Spas, Maxx Spas, HotSpring Spas, and many others.

Spa repair is our specialty and with experience comes professional and accurate diagnosis of spa problems and appropriate resolution, in a timely manner.

green frog in spa pool
Dirty Spa Pool water

We can tell you what is in need of repair:

illustration of a timer clock

Saving you time

illustration of a hand holding paper money

Saving you money in the long run

illustration of pool handrails and water

Getting you back in the water quicker.

  • If you just bought a property with an indoor or outdoor spa that’s not working We Can Help

  • If your tenants have broken the indoor or outdoor spa at your rental property We Can Help

  • If you just bought a second-hand spa off an online market place We Can Help

There’s nothing worse than pulling back your outdoor spa cover after a hard day at work and realising that:

  • the pump is sucking in air unnecessarily
  • the colour of the water has changed
  • the pump won’t prime
  • it has animals/insects in it that are more than a handful to get out
  • it doesn’t smell right
  • the pressure in the pump isn’t working
  • the pump is leaking
  • the water isn’t heating up
  • the pump motor is running and nothing is happening

OR Having your bathroom spa not working - and no idea how to even “get into it”.

Give us a call now to book in your:

"Indoor or Outdoor Spa Health
Check Kit" (valued at $99)

Available to all customers who book in for a service/quote

Northside Spa Repairs is an on-time and professional spa service company and we guarantee our work.

If you don’t have time or need more regular assistance you can get our team to swing by monthly or fortnightly and make sure your indoor or outdoor spa is ready to use at any time of the year.

The convenience of having your own beautiful glimmering oasis of refreshing spa water just a few steps from your back door is truly a refreshing and relaxing treat.

Alternatively having a relaxing hot soak in your bathroom spa could be the R&R you need after working so hard.

How We Help You

Did you know that you don’t always have to replace the pump or various components of your indoor or outdoor spa? There might be a very simple problem we can fix inexpensively. There are so many hidden aspects of the spa you may not even be aware of which could be the problem

illustration of a hand holding a wrench


  • Spa Water Pumps
  • Spa Heat Pumps
  • Spa Heaters
illustration of a square box being moved into the place of a dotted square


  • Spa Blowers
  • Spa Ozone Units
  • Spa Pool U/V Units
  • Touch Pads
  • Electronic Spa Controllers
illustration of a gear in motion


  • Spa Filters (for many makes and models)
  • Spa Sets

And a wide range of Spa Pool Accessories

We come and diagnose your “sick” spa at your home, or over the phone - yes we’re that good.

What you will get from us:

illustration of a green checkmark within a green circle

Honest Advice

illustration of a green checkmark within a green circle

Technical Expertise

illustration of a green checkmark within a green circle

Experience across a wide range of spas, pumps and equipment

"Indoor or Outdoor Spa Health Check Kit" (valued at $99)

Available to all customers who book in for a service/quote